How You Can Help Belynda

The Arkansas Parole Board has announced they find Belynda Goff’s clemency application without merit. (Click here to read the news story on the denial.) The Innocence Project filed the petition on Belynda’s behalf last summer. More than 40 people submitted letters of support with the application, including four jurors from her trial.

But we are not done. The governor has the final say so. Please write the governor and ask him to grant Belynda’s petition. You do not have to be an Arkansas resident. He should know that people across the country are following this case. You can contact Gov. Hutchinson by clicking here or by snail mail:

Governor Asa Hutchinson
State Capitol Room 250
500 Woodlane Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201

Thanks for your support!

6 thoughts on “How You Can Help Belynda

  1. Dear governor,

    Please grant Belynda clemency. She has been imprisoned way too long for a crime in which she is wrongly accused. There is precious time with her family that she has missed. It has become her draughters life purpose to see that justice is served so much that she named her youngest child ( Belynda’s granddaughter) “Liberty”. I beg of you to review the facts.
    According to law, there are suppose to be 4 people that review the Clemency application and there was only 1.

    Please right this wrong. Thank You!!!!

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  2. I did submit an email to Governor Hutchinson on behalf of Belynda Goff. I hope and pray he will study this case and choose to grant her clemency at this time.

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