Column in Favor of Belynda’s Clemency Petition

Mike Masterson, a columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has written a powerful piece urging Governor Hutchinson to grant Belynda’s clemency petition. He writes:

Goff’s appeal contained 44 supporting letters, including from her two children with Stephen Goff, four trial jurors and the bailiff on duty during the sentencing portion of Goff’s trial.
It’s been my hope since learning of the Goff case that Hutchinson would take an interest in learning the facts of what happened to Belynda. I’ve hoped he would visit with her family, attorneys and others with firsthand knowledge of her highly questionable conviction and extreme sentence.
If Hutchinson would understand what occurred the night Belynda’s husband died, I have to believe he’d follow his conscience and heart in choosing to overlook his board’s flawed review and grant this woman the executive clemency she’s earned after 20 years as a model prisoner helping other females behind bars.

Read it here. And if you’re an Arkansas resident, send a letter to the editor about the case. Thank you, Mike, for bringing attention to Belynda’s wrongful conviction!