Another Column Urges Justice for Belynda

Mike Masterson continues to write to try to secure justice for Belynda. From a recent column:

The next development in her case will unfold at 2 p.m. Monday in the Carroll County Courthouse in Berryville. There, an Innocence Project attorney and another from an international law firm will question Gary Lester, the last officer to see and handle the potentially crucial DNA evidence that inexplicably went missing (along with paperwork) after the state Crime Laboratory turned it over to local police.

My point is to yet again ask the board and our governor to do the right thing by this mother and grandmother who has spent her time behind bars helping other female inmates in many ways. She has fought off understandable personal frustrations and periods of hopelessness as fellow inmates (recognizing her innocence and the glaring injustices in her case) have written letters of support for commuting her sentence of life without parole, as have jurors in her trial and the court bailiff.