Let’s Play a Game…

Let’s play a game. It’s called you be the judge. I am going to post two pages from a trial transcript.  In a highlighted area you will see comments from Judge Tom Keith, Prosecutor Kenny Elser, and Officer Archy Rousey. Next I am going to show you the  actual crime lab report pertaining to the testimony given by Rousey.

You be the judge, tell me if you see anything wrong here.

541 rust 001

Homicide investigator, Archy Rousey, testifies that he took a photo of a blood spot on a bath rail. Think reader… If you’re in a court room and the pictures are facing a jury, why would the prosecutor ask that one “circle the area where the blood spot is in the photograph”? Surely he can see it. This is clearly for the dramatic play on the jury. He wants to ensure that they can see the damning evidence. Rust 2

The evidence is so damning that Judge Keith himself says the identified blood speaks for itself.

The only problem is that the judge, prosecuting attorney, and Rousey know that what is being circled in that photograph isn’t blood. However, it is red, it will make a mark on the jury, and they run with it. The issue is what the crime lab had to say.

Screenshot Lab Report 2

Due to a lack of DNA recovered from the bathtub rail no genetic comparisons could be conducted… Reader, you can get DNA reading from something as small as the head of a pin, even evidence that is more minute – microscopic. Why couldn’t they get a reading from something so large it could be photographed and testified to as being blood splatter?

Because it wasn’t blood. Perhaps it was rust?

Twenty years later Belynda Goff is behind bars today because of this testimony from Archy Rousey and the comments made by judge Tom Keith.

You be the judge. You have a voice? Use it.








3 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game…

  1. This is an awful injustice to Belynda Goff. Why can our so called legal system be allowed to continue with this travesty of injustice, I’m ashamed of the so called, Judge, Prosecutor, Police and The So Called Governor of our State, the State of Arkansas and our Federal Government, What An Awful Excuse For American Justice.


      • We should all take a stand for justice at the Governors Office, I’m in and can get others, we need to do it as soon as possible, I Pray We As Americans Will Do This For Belynda Goff and All Americans. God Help Us All!
        Echoes is eager to help, a nonprofit organization for Family, Friends and Loved Ones Incarnated In Arkansas Prisons.


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