Arkansas Woman Convicted of Husband’s Murder Seeks DNA Testing and Release For the Holidays

Dare to Think

A recent article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette called Belynda Goff’s imprisonment “appalling”.  Goff is currently seeking clemency from outgoing Governor Mike Beebe or incoming Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson.  Goff was convicted of murdering her husband, Stephen, in their home in 1996.  She has always maintained her innocence.  There is evidence that Stephen was killed by people he may have stolen money from, who were involved with an “arson for hire” scheme.

The Innocence Project is currently conducting DNA testing of crime scene evidence that could prove Belynda’s innocence, but because pieces of crucial evidence have gone missing, testing may not be enough.  If Governor Mike Beebe does not act on her case before his term expires then the clemency request will move to Governor-elect Hutchinson.

Democrat-Gazette columnist Mike Masterson writes that officials should “take a careful look and do the right thing”.

It all began on June 11, 1994 at 9…

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2 thoughts on “Arkansas Woman Convicted of Husband’s Murder Seeks DNA Testing and Release For the Holidays

  1. I am Belinda cousin.
    I’ve known this sweet lady since she was a little girl.
    This whole thing has been a total nightmare!!
    Not only could she not have physically murdered her husbsnd,morally ,for her, it it is further from belief!!
    There was not ever,from my study of this,enough evidence to convict her of this!
    This is why she turned down a plea bargain for 10 years,because she was ,and is,completely innocent!
    You hear about people being freed after 20 or more years for doing time,for a crime they did NOT commit,this is one of those cases
    ( huge misstake) pales in comparison to this autrasity!

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    • Jeff, you are a great cousin and we all appreciate your support and proven your concerns from California. I love you and I love that you care for us so much.


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