What About All of the Blood?

If you have paid any attention to this case you would know that there is absolutely no physical evidence tying Belynda Goff to the murder of Stephen Goff. Not a single shred. And yet she remains in prison for 21 years serving a life sentence for a crime that she did not commit.

During Goff’s trial, the jury heard a great deal of the massive amount of blood in the bathroom – indicating a crime scene clean up. The jury members heard Police Officer Archie Rousey go into great detail as he described the scene.

Let’s do a quick recap. I will quote verbatim from the trial transcript. This will verify what the jury was hearing.

“Sergeant Gage removed the bathtub drain plate. As he was removing it, as he turned it up, blood started running down his fingers. This blood was in liquid state” (T.489).

Rousey goes on to give a physical demonstration as he talks to the jury he lifts his arm up and lifts his other hand and motions blood running down it. Then he goes on to say:

“Officer Gage was in the bathroom trying to take out the drain with a screw driver. I was there to assist him… He took the drain out and there is was, it was running down his fingers and I had to get it as fast as I could. Blood and water is what it looked like to me, could possibly have hair…” (T.566).

Fast Forward to 2014. Belynda Goff is applying for clemency but Rousey has big issues with that. He tells the Arkansas Parole Board:

“In 1994 DNA analyses was still very new, and it took a lot of blood to obtain a complete DNA profile.”


WOW! With all of that blood and even alluded hair there can be no denying a clean-up, right? – Insert awkward record screech.

This is what Dr. Marcia Eisenberg (Director of forensic identity testing at Laboratory Corporation of America formerly known as Roche Biomedical) had to say:


Wait a minute, how can that be? We have Police Officer Rousey stating that there is visible blood and possible hair oozing off of a fellow police officer’s hand.

Let’s fast forward again to a hearing in 2014. In this hearing, the prosecutor, Tony Rogers, is arguing that evidence in the Goff case should not be allowed for testing by the New York Innocence Project. Judge Crowe goes on to mention Rousey’s statements that were made under oath.


There it is folks. There is absolutely no evidence against Belynda Goff; only the numerous fabrications made by this police officer. You don’t have to take a blogger’s word for it. But maybe you can take put a little stock into a forensic laboratory’s results and an experienced judge. Our criminal justice system is broken and in Carroll County, Arkansas it is broken and dirty.



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