During the search for the evidence that “went missing” in Belynda Goff’s case it was discovered that physical evidence from the crime scene had been found and never shared in discovery to her attorney. This physical evidence was logged in on June 13, 1994 to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory and has remained secreted away for twenty-four years.

Attention: Photo not from actual case as the “lead investigator” did not see the need to secure the crime scene. In the crime scene video you can clearly see a small child riding their bike on the other side of the door where Stephen Goff’s body was found.

When the New York Innocence Project’s attorney, Karen Thompson, moved to have this newly discovered DNA evidence tested, the Carroll County Prosecutor, Tony Rogers, dug in his heels fighting against the testing.

The prosecutor’s actions prompt an immediate question. Why? Why would any state or federal prosecuting attorney fight against DNA testing of evidence? Particularly when all transportation, testing, and analysis would be paid for by the Innocence Project. It would be completely free to the state.

What is NOT FREE are court costs. By refusing to allow DNA testing Tony Rogers cost Carroll County time and money in court fees and so on. What could be his reasoning in rejection of testing? Could it be that Mr. Rogers is aware that they convicted and incarcerated an innocent person? Many people believe this to be the case. It is apparent that any potential test results would be adverse to the state’s claims or interests. In other words, there is a good chance that the truth would be revealed. Hmm…