Still Holding

At 9:30 in the evening on January 2, 2018 another transport officer arrived at the McPherson Prison to pick up Belynda Goff. She was held in transport mode for approximately 32 hours due to the ineptness of Carroll County.

Belynda arrived at the Carroll County Jail at around 12:30 a.m. Rather than placing her in the jail she was put into ANOTHER holding cell just off the entry to the door. The holding cell is a small concrete room with just a bench and no heating. Prior to putting her in the cell they took her coat that was issued to her by the prison. She was held in this literal FREEZING cell for TWELVE HOURS. This is not an exaggeration. See the weather conditions for that day below.





Belynda was forced to remain without a coat in freezing conditions. After twelve hours she starting begging for help, Belynda began yelling through the window in the door that they had kept covered. By this time the next shift had arrived and they began processing her. It would still be DAYS until her hearing. They refused to let Belynda call her attorney. The jail staff continuously told her that her attorney was “in court and unavailable.” Another lie. Her attorney was not in court. Belynda was her only client in the entire county. But still they refused and she waited.

Finally on January 4th they allowed her access to the phone after business hours. Carroll County made sure that there would be no communication with her attorney before her scheduled hearing.

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