There is something that I need to address. In September of 1995 Belynda Goff’s house was set ablaze in the middle of the night while she and her children slept inside.

Now let’s fast forward to the last time Belynda Goff applied for clemency.

Now retired police officer, Archie Rousey, took it upon himself to address the Arkansas Post Prison Transfer Board. He even boasted about it in the local paper. Rousey says to the board determining her fate:

“A rented house that Belynda Goff and her children lived in, after the murder, somehow burned down. Belynda Goff, in her letter to this board, is trying to say that this was arson, and an attempt on her life and her children’s lives.

Big Question. If this is true, and Belynda Goff was so afraid, after the fire, then why, after received the life insurance money, did she buy a house in the same community? Why would she allow her children to attend the same school? Why didn’t she just move away? After all, with all that money she could have moved anywhere she wanted to. She wasn’t charged until several months later. She could have moved and taken herself and her children out of harms way. Was this an attempt on her life? No.”


arrest date1


Belynda Goff was arrested on May 3, 1995. The house that “some how” burned down was on September 5, 1995. Belynda Goff didn’t move away BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T. He knows this. Rousey KNOWINGLY LIED to state officials. But let’s give the benefit of the doubt… Let’s say it was just a date mix-up. But how would you explain the following?




This is an unsolved arson. State Police Investigator Robert Hicks’ report is seen above.

Rousey says to the Arkansas Post Prison Transfer Board “was this an attempt on her life?  No.”

Tell me reader, why would anyone set a house on fire in the middle of the night while a family slept inside?

Was this an attempt on her life? That answer is clearly YES. Not to mention her children’s and sister’s lives. Do you know this information never even made it into her original trial? It didn’t fit Carroll County’s theory. This crime was NEVER investigated further. The culprit remains free while lies like these told by supposed “officials” keep Belynda Goff in prison.






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