This website was started by Belynda Goff’s family, supporters, and friends. To reach Belynda’s daughter, Bridgette, please email Connect with us on Facebook and twitter.

One thought on “Contact

  1. My Name is Rachel Faulkner and was recently incarcerated with Mrs. Goff.. When I say she has made an impression on my life, that is just an understatement. She was a mother to me while I was behind those call cement walls. Mrs Goff is an inspiration to myself as well as others and I made her a promise that I would post on her website and as a woman of my word, I have done so. I will continue to follow her story and when she is freed, I will be able to hug her once again. I miss her dearly and will continue to post and write about her story. I love you Mrs Goff and thank you for all the wonderful advice you gave me. We will meet again.. Free Belynda… Sincerely and with much Love, Rachel Faulkner


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